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Looking for Bulk Costume on Rent/Sale?

Whether it is your school’s annual day event or a theatre workshop, we cater to bulk rental/ ordering of costumes. With over 15000 costumes in our inventory, we are able to take care of your bulk needs at heavily discounted prices.

Our support staff can help you with the customization of your costumes on a week’s prior notice.

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Our Client Say!

Feedback of our happy customers

Sulagna Sen Sr. Dance Teacher, Apeejay School - Noida

Superb quality products in reasonable rent. They also customise as per you requirements. They provide good customer care services.. very very cooperative staffs. Thank you so so much dear Vandana ma’am for your endless support .My shows are incomplete without ItsMYCostume...❤️❤️❤️

Megha Nair Dance Teacher- FAS Delhi

It has been 5-6 years that I have been associated with ItsMyCostume. For all my school Annual functions and personal events I have been taking their costumes which are the best ...They have a lot of variety and beautiful costumes according to our choices. The staff is very helpful ,friendly and cooperative.

Ashutosh Jain

Extremely Happy with the product quality and Customer service they are providing. I highly recommend ItsMyCostume for fancy dresses. Very well managed by costumes, And it's the only costume place we have found super clean ,very supportive staff , must work with them. Superb! superb!

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