Baby Boy Kurta Pajama With Red Waistcoat for Kids

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Color: Red & White

Includes: Kurta,Pajama,Waistcoat

Fabric: Cotton


A pleasing Kurta Pajama with a red waistcoat for kids in your home. This well-designed Kurta set is very comfortable to wear. When it comes to the needs of little ones their moms can assure convenience, safety, and quality. We put our hearts and souls into enhancing the parenting experience of our every product. Also, check our top best-selling Kurta Pajama Sets – Black Kurta Pajama, Yellow Kurta Pajama, Waistcoat Kurta Pajama, Orange Kurta Pajama, Blue Kurta Pajama, Red Kurta Pajama, Turquoise Kurta Pajama, Pink Kurta Pajama, etc.


Product Details

Color: Red & White

Includes: Kurta, Pajama, Waistcoat

Fabric: Cotton


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