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Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids

In a country as culturally rich and diverse as India, the ideas for a fancy dress are endless. Every state of our country follows its own culture and tradition. They also celebrate different festivals, worship different gods and goddesses, and learn different arts.

Given below are some Indian fancy dress ideas that you can use:


Fancy dress ideas for special occasions

The themes of fancy dress are usually chosen according to the significance of the day or event it is organized in. For instance, on the occasion of Children’s Day, all the kids can dress as Nehru, in a white kurta-pajama with a Nehru cap and a rose tucked in the pocket of their overcoats.


Similarly, on Gandhi Jayanti, kids dress in a plain dhoti, with rimless round spectacles and a laathi to go with, to create a complete Gandhi look.


Ideas for themed fancy dress

Kids love the themes for fancy dress to be taken from the stories they read or the cartoons they watch these days.

Most kids these days are into the themes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They love to dress up like Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman, etc.


Group fancy dress

Group fancy dress is a unique idea for a fancy dress. In a group fancy dress contest or activity, five or more kids can form a group and together represent a festival or a traditional event. For instance, take Holi, Janmashtami, Diwali, Christmas, etc.


Such activities inspire unity and team spirit in the children while teaching them the essence of the Indian culture.

Summing up

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