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Fancy Dress For School Competition

School Competition

Schools hold fancy dress competition for kids to put their imaginations on work and bring out their creativity. All kids are excited about fancy dress for a school competition and actively participate in them.

The best fancy dress themes for school competitions

We have jotted down a list of ideas for fancy dress themes for school competitions:

“I want to grow up to be”

All children dream of becoming something or someone when they grow up. A fancy dress competition theme based on their dreams and aspiration is a creative idea. Children can choose any profession, and design their costumes creatively.

“My Favorite Teacher”

A competition that can be held on Teachers’ Day, as a tribute to the teachers’ efforts. Children can dress up as their favorite teacher. They can also say a few lines about why they are their favorite.

“Mythological Themes”

Narrating mythological stories to children helps in inculcating moral values in them. A fancy dress competition themed on it, where children will dress up as Rama, Sita, Hanumana, or Krishna, is an entertaining as well as educating idea.

“Save Nature”

Protecting and respecting Nature is an important concept that the children of this generation must learn. In this fancy dress competition, children can dress up as a flower, tree, bird, or animal. They can also recite a slogan or read out a message on how we should love nature.

“Unity in Diversity”

In this theme, children can pair up in two and wear the ethnic wear of different states such as Punjab, Kerala, Kashmir, etc. The idea is to represent the unity of our countrymen despite their varied cultures.

Summing up

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